auto body repair


Q?Why should I trust Top Notch Collision to work on my car?

The owners of Top Notch Collision, Alan Greenway and Jeff Powell, have over 50 years of combined experience in the automotive field. They make sure all repairs are completed properly and meet all safety standards after the repairs are done. All work is done with an emphasis on quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Q?My insurance company told me to use a different collision center, can I bring my car to you instead?

YES! Insurance companies have direct repair facilities they prefer to use, but you may have any shop perform the repairs. We will work with your insurance company and make sure your vehicle is repaired as well as possible. We will also make sure to repair or replace all parts that were damaged in the collision so your car is returned to you repaired properly. We have worked with all major insurance companies and adjustors.

Q?Are the parts you use on my car original equipment replacements?

IT DEPENDS! We will always use new original factory parts whenever possible, but some insurance policies allow for aftermarket or used parts on vehicles 2 or more years old. We can work with your insurance company to get the best parts available for your vehicle.

Q?The insurance sent me a check for $3,400, what if the repairs are more than that?

TOP NOTCH COLLISION will begin repairs on your car, and if additional damage is found, will work with the insurance provider to get the funds required to make the correct repairs. Most of the time in a collision, there is hidden damage, and insurance companies are aware of that, so they will send an adjustor to assess any additional work needed. We take care of all contact with your insurance company so you don’t have to.

Q?I got three different estimates, and yours is slightly higher than the other two, how come?

ALL REPUTABLE COLLISION CENTERS use estimating software to figure how much the repairs are going to be so the labor times and hourly rates should be pretty close. Usually the differences come from shops not adequately writing what is damaged and “underwriting” what we have estimated. We always write everything we can physically see in order to be as thorough as possible to make sure every part that is damaged is accounted for.

Q?I see commercials where I can get my car painted for $700, can you match their price?

NOT EVEN CLOSE! Doing a paint job properly requires a huge amount of time and materials to repair the dents and dings, sand, prime, and prepare the car for painting. In most cases, we make sure to remove parts like door handles, mirrors, side moldings, emblems, etc. in order to paint your car as well as possible and as close to factory as possible. Many shops just tape up those parts, and don’t prepare the car properly so the paint finish won’t look as good or last very long. We use PPG paint products in order to allow us to have a lifetime warranty on the finish.