auto body repair

Minor Collision Repair

Have you been in an accident? Have you damaged your hood, bumper, or fender in a wreck? While a minor accident may sound insignificant, body shops define it as an auto repair costing less than $5,000.

These collision repairs typically include repairing or replacing fenders, bumpers, doors, and hoods at the shop of your choice. They may include mechanical work and minor accidents almost always require paint work. Collision repairs can often be completed in a couple days, getting your car back on the road fast.

One of the most important parts of accident repair is the parts used. Unless requested to do otherwise, Top Notch Collision repairs your vehicle with Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, parts. These parts are usually a higher quality and better fit and finish, for a more efficient and higher quality collision repair. Top Notch Collision also uses high quality repair materials to make your repair last and we back it up with our 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

The last major step in collision repair is painting the vehicle. We use an extensive preparation process and high quality paints for a factory finish. We match the paint to your vehicle and blend the paint into adjacent doors and fenders when needed to mask the repair.

Let us help you with your collision repair and show you the Top Notch Collision difference. Remember, the choice is yours.

Major Collision Repair

A major accident can be a nightmare. In one moment things can change dramatically. We’re here to help as much as possible with this unfortunate scenario. A major collision is typically an auto repair over $5,000, but can exceed $20,000 on a new vehicle.

The first concern is often whether your vehicle is repairable. We work with the responsible insurance company to write an estimate, while determining if the vehicle is a total loss, or ‘totaled’. We also determine the extent of collision repairs to prevent unexpected surprises. Should hidden damage be exposed during your car repair, we handle the supplement process and no action on your part is required.

Top Notch Collision is fully collision and capable to return your vehicle to factory specifications, no matter how bad the accident. Per industry best practices, we handle the biggest collision repairs the right way, including replacing entire sections, structural replacement, and frame repair. We use a computerized measuring system to insure your vehicle meets the specifications set by the manufacturer.

After major collision repair, all suspension and mechanical components are inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary. Your vehicle will run, drive, and feel like new when it leaves the shop. All body panels are repaired and replaced, not just to be straight and dent-free, but also to set panel gaps as they were leaving the showroom floor. Paint is the finishing touch, giving your vehicle that new-car look.

While your collision repair is extremely important, it isn’t everything. Our shop’s excellent customer service keeps you in the know at all times.

A major wreck can be a pain, but we can at least minimize the collision repair and insurance process for you, letting you focus on more important things. Please call or contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate after your accident.